Florida, Georgia beachgoers warned to stay away from SpaceX debris

As if Florida wasn’t having enough problems this summer. First came the sharks, then the flesh-eating bacteria, and now possibly dangerous space debris.

The Coast Guard is urging residents and tourists to stay away from any debris left behind by the explosion of the SpaceX Dragon rocket. The debris could be toxic or explosive.

The rocket exploded during launch on Sunday, scattering debris more than 150 miles off the coast of Florida and Georgia.

"As with any incident involving spacecraft wreckage, debris should not be handled by members of the public," said Capt. Jeffrey Dixon, Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville (Florida) commander, in a news release. "These critical pieces of evidence are important in the investigation process and should be reported immediately to SpaceX or the U.S. Coast Guard."

If you spot debris, call the SpaceX debris reporting hotline at 866-392-0035.