Fla. police hand out scratchers instead of tickets

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Police in Melbourne, Fla., decided to spread some holiday cheer and give out scratchers instead of speeding tickets.

​"Police officers bought scratch-off lottery tickets with their own money, then handed them out to drivers. Now, they did hand out warnings to people who were actually speeding." (Via WTXF)

Officers were just trying to spread a little holiday cheer, but it's safe to say motorists were not expecting the chance at fortune. (Via ABC)

But Melbourne police were also trying to send a message of safety.

"The road patrols are concentrated along ... a roadway that has had a number of traffic crashes in recent weeks." (Via Florida Today)

WCCO reports the Melbourne cops also received plenty of surprised looks to go along with the scratchers.

"Can you imagine?

"I can imagine."

"Here's a warning, and here's a lottery ticket."

"I've been imagining it all morning."

Police handed out 30 lottery tickets total on Christmas Day.

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