Father accused of tying up, punching teen as punishment for running away

A Florida man accused of tying up a teenager so she couldn’t run away again is locked up behind bars.

Police had returned the runaway back to the man’s home hours before she was found with her hands and feet wrapped in duct tape and zip tied.

Anthony Hubble, 50, told officers his daughter has tried to run away more than once, and promised that he would keep better track of her, but deputies said his method of doing that is criminal.

The arrest report outlines a family home, filled with abuse.

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Deputies said Hubble’s daughter tried to run away Monday night and when police found her, she was brought back to her home.

Officers said Hubble promised he would try to keep her from running away again.

But she did escape, hours later, with injuries at the hands of her father, deputies said.

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The teenager told Volusia County deputies that Hubble had, “proceeded to tape her wrists and legs together using duct tape. He also placed zip ties around her wrists” before he, “punched her with a closed fist 15-20 times.”

The report said Hubble made the teenager sleep on the floor, “like a dog does.”

But while Hubble slept, the teenager managed to cut herself free and ran for help.

Deputies said her father followed in his car and chased her through neighbors’ yards, until he caught her behind a home.

In the background of 911 calls, neighbors can be hear yelling at Hubble not to go anywhere.

When deputies got to the neighborhood, they found the teenager with duct tape and ties still on her wrists.

They cut her hands free and put Hubble’s in handcuffs.

Daytona Beach police said there was no indication of violence when they dropped the girl at Hubble’s home, and that the girl never said she was afraid, or else they would have called the Department of Children and Families.