FAA: Navigational coordinates no longer to honor Trump

Three navigation points above the skies of Palm Beach County will no longer be named in honor of Donald Trump, the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday.

The FAA announced that it will rename three navigational coordinates near Palm Beach International Airport. In a statement released Thursday, the agency said that it generally chooses names that are “non-controversial.”

“The FAA is taking steps to rename three “fixes” near PBI,” the agency said in a statement released Thursday. “In general, the FAA chooses names that are non-controversial and relate to the area in which the fixes are located.”

The change could take several months to take effect, the FAA said.

Trump has been the subject of controversy for remarks made about immigrants during his announcement to seek the Republican Party presidential nomination. He formally kicked off his presidential campaign last month at the Trump Tower in New York City.

In 2010, an air traffic controller named some routes along the airport’s main departure after celebrities, including Trump; Trump’s daughter, Ivanka; and singer Jimmy Buffet.

Trump’s coordinates included the names DONLD, TRMMP and UFIRD, a reference to Trump’s catchphrase on the reality television show The Apprentice. His Mar-a-Lago Club is under the airport’s main flight path.

Trump told The Palm Beach Post at the time that he was unaware that part of the air traffic route had been named in his honor, but was flattered by the thought.

However, not everyone was pleased with the decision.

"We actually have had reports of people refusing to fly these departures because they are so offended by the fact that Trump has been memorialized," pilot Paul Agnew said at the time.

FAA officials have said that it is common for controllers to use the navigational procedure to honor celebrities.