Escaped convict found using identity of baby who died in 1949

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A man is accused of using a dead baby's identity.

A man who was living under the name of a dead infant was arrested after a traffic crash in Clay County, Florida.

Investigators learned Stephen York, 64, was living under a false identity after a minor traffic crash in Clay County in August.

York gave deputies a drivers license with the name Joel Dean Hanes and date of birth January 15, 1949 on it.

The truck York was driving was also registered to Hanes.

Troopers said a computer search revealed the social security number for Hanes belonged to an infant who was pronounced dead on February 1, 1949.

A Florida Highway Patrol senior analyst began investigating York for drivers license fraud and learned a drivers license was issued under Hanes' name in 1975, when York was listed an escapee from a North Carolina prison.

Investigators said York identified himself as Hanes during dozens of interactions with law enforcement during the past 20 years.

York used Hanes' identity to buy car insurance, open a bank account and make insurance claims for damages in several crashes, according to deputies.

York was arrested on Wednesday and faces six charges for using a fake identity.