'Dumpster diver' reportedly spends $5.50 on food in two years

Seemingly everywhere you look these days, there's a big focus on where your consumables come from: "Eat local." "Drink local." "Shop local."

But one Washington, D.C., man is taking that much further. His ingredients are sourced locally: He's a dumpster diver.

William Reid, a graduate student in film and electronic media at American University, hasn't bought food from a store since 2014, he told The Huffington Post.

Since then, he says, he's spent $5.50 on groceries. For the rest of his meals, he scavenges ingredients from supermarket dumpsters.

You might think that'd be a tough way to stay sustained, but consider this: Reid says finding food became "too easy" ... so he's gone vegan.

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