Dog rescued after family leaves him waiting in pile of trash

Boo sat on the blue, floral print mattress for days waiting for his family to return.

But the family didn't come back. Instead, Mike Diesel spent hours for two days getting the pit bull, left behind with the family's trash, to trust him.

Diesel, the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescueeventually won out with the help of some sausage biscuits.

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"Boo has warmed up to me in an amazing way already and truly shows and proves the love of the pit bull and trust they have in humans," Diesel told Inside Edition.

Diesel was able to take Boo to the vet where he was diagnosed with heartworms. He is undergoing treatment and will be adoptable when he is healthy.

The rescue group does not have a shelter facility but relies on volunteers to foster the animals until they are adopted, according to The Daily Dot. They have rescued about 75 dogs since 2014.