Dog left paralyzed after brutal attack; owner searching for answers

A Southaven, Mississippi, man is looking for answers after his dog was paralyzed following a brutal attack.

"She wasn't raised to know she was a pit bull," the dog's owner, Donald Wages, told WHBQ. "She was raised like one of the kids."

Bella was once known for her energy and pleasant nature. But now, the dog cannot use her hind legs.

Her paralysis came after being attacked in the front yard.

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“I let her out. She goes to do her business. I hear a yelp, (so I) come outside and he's walking outside my yard with a baseball bat,” Wages said.

The attack happened on June 17.

Now, Bella is getting used to a “drag bag” that protects her legs. Later on, she will hopefully have a wheelchair to get around safely.

"I was happy to see he wanted to save his dog, and that he wanted to so his best to keep his dog from being euthanized," Angela Leigh, who works with Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, told WHBQ.

After hearing that Wages decided not to euthanize Bella, Leigh and the rescue wanted to get involved. Now, they are helping with medical bills.

Wages told WHBQ he saw someone leaving his yard with a baseball bat in hand on the day of the attack. When he made it outside, he filed a police report.

Southaven police told WHBQ they are investigating the case.