Deputies: Florida inmate attacks another over loud snoring

One Florida inmate wouldn’t listen to another and just roll over, leading to a fight in the St. Lucie County jail over loud snoring.

Cedric Maynor, 45, was the culprit of the snoring according to another inmate who complained to jail staff saying that his snoring caused him to stay awake all night, TCPalm reports. The victim told deputies that he "admitted to poking Maynor with his finger trying to wake him up to tell him to roll over and stop snoring."

Deputies said they told the victim that they couldn’t change his room just because Maynor was snoring loudly and asked the victim to put cotton in his ears.

TCPalm reports the victim didn’t take the advice to heart and exclaimed, “If I can’t sleep, neither will he!” as he instigated a fight with Maynor on July 25 at around 11:30 p.m. Deputies said the victim had a swollen check and lost a tooth in the skirmish with Maynor saying he acted in self-defense.

That claim didn’t work as Maynor was arrested on a battery upon a detainee by an inmate in a jail facility charge.

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