Cute or scary? Man snaps photo of bear pushing head through cat door

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Doug Harder managed to take a picture of a curious bear that attempted to get through a cat door at his Sandpoint, Idaho, condo Friday night.

Harder said he wasn't concerned because he knew the bear wouldn't be able to squeeze through the small cat door.

Harder described his struggles with bears recently on a Facebook post:

"Got home last Wednesday night to a mess, a bear pushed open the sliding glass door I had open while I was gone a few days, even a wood block in the door jam keeping it only open about 8 inches. He came back Thursday morning on the deck, after I closed and locked the sliding door the night before. The door is fine...IT COULD HAVE BEEN MUCH WORSE!!!!!!! He likes flour, brownie mix, Toblerone and went all the way to the back bedroom for a can of Pepsi!!! It took about 2 hours with a carpet cleaner to clean it up...grateful to have it!!! It ran away from me when I went outside. It came to the cat door Thursday night, trying again and again to get through, which is when I took the photo. My cat is in the photo on Friday, showing the width of the sliding glass door the bear squeezed through. It came back yesterday trying to get through the cat door again.

Last week wasn't the first time Harder has had a run-in with bears at his condo. According to CNN, the bears first visited in May. A bear and two cubs climbed up the side of his home and ate food from his bird feeder. Despite efforts to scare them away the bears were unfazed.

Food for bears is reportedly scarce in Northern Idaho. Harder has contacted Idaho Fish and Wildlife in an effort to have them relocated.