Crowd waiting for Cronuts unfazed by nearby corpse

A line of people crowded outside a SoHo bakery for a Cronut unknowingly just steps away from a dead man slumped over on a nearby bench.

The line of hungry breakfast confection seekers outside Dominque Ansel Bakery was rerouted after the body of a 47-year old man was found Friday, according to Gothamist.

"The line had already been diverted by the time I walked past, which seemed to suggest that people were continuing to show up, see what was going on, and not be all that bothered by it," Molly Pohlig, who walked past the scene, told Gothamist.

The Cronut, a popular pastry invented by the bakery in 2013, is an amalgamation of croissant and doughnut. Although not as popular as when it debuted, the bakery still makes and sells about 350 of them daily, according to The Washington Post.

The body is identified as Andrew Lang, according to the New York Post. He had been dead at least 10 hours by the time he was discovered.

"I didn't see anyone leave the line," Molly Young told the Post. "It didn't put a dent in anyone's appetite."

A medical examiner will determine the cause of death. It does not appear to be suspicious, according to WCBS.