Creepy clown battered by youths

These guys weren’t clowning around.

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A man dressed as a clown, trying to scare a group of friends, got more than he bargained for when the youths jumped out of a car and attacked him, including smashing him in the knee with a baseball bat.

Video footage on YouTube that was posted in July shows the unnamed friends sitting in a car at an undisclosed location in the United States, the New York Post reported. Suddenly, one of the youths spotted a clown, wearing face paint and holding four balloons, walking toward them.

“What … is that, bro?” one youth says in the video, which soon became a profanity-laced monologue. “Are you serious? Go around this fool.”

Three of the friends left the car, and one hit the clown behind his knee with what appeared to be a small baseball bat or stick.

Reports of creepy clown sightings — including men lurking outside schools and businesses — began this summer and have been reported in at least 20 states in the past six weeks.