Cops: Peeping Tom breaks into woman’s home, snaps photo of her showering

Posts nude photo to her Facebook page

Police are searching for the man they said broke into a woman’s home, stole her phone and snapped a picture of her while she was in the shower before posting it on her Facebook account.

The alleged incident happened at the Ashford of Altamonte Springs Apartments on Wednesday.

Police believe he also spied on a woman at the Lotus Landing Apartments last week, when a woman reported a man peering through her bedroom window while performing a sex act.

Police said they have increased patrols in the area to track down the alleged peeping Tom.

“He entered the bathroom where someone was taking a shower, a female resident,” said Officer Robert Pelton of the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

Investigators said when the woman spotted the man, he took off with her cellphone.

“He used the cellphone that he stole and he posted a naked photo of her on her own Facebook account,” Pelton said.

Neighbors are on edge and hope police catch him soon.

“If he’s going into people’s houses and doing that, it’s obvious he’s going to escalate,” said resident Mitchell Bounleutay. “I think that’s pretty crazy. I’m pretty sure everybody would feel safer with more cops around.”

In each case, the women didn’t get a good look at the man.

Police said they have stepped up patrols around the complexes and urge residents to report any suspicious activity.