Chris Watts murder case: Prosecution releases videos, documents

Documents and interviews from the Chris Watts murder case have been released weeks after Watts pleaded guilty to killing his wife, Shanann, and their two daughters.

Chris Watts was sentenced to five life terms, three to run consecutively, all without the possibility of parole, KMGH reported.

In August, Chris Watts had said that his wife, who was pregnant, and their daughters were missing. But as it turned out, Chris Watts had killed his family, burying Shanann in a shallow grave, and putting the bodies of his 4- and 3-year-old daughters in oil tanks at his work.

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Prosecutors said Shanann Watts was strangled to death in the couple's home Aug. 13, shortly after she returned from a brief business trip to Arizona. Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, who had remained home with their father while their mother was gone, were killed Aug. 12 or 13.

Police investigating the young family’s disappearance soon learned that Chris Watts had been having an affair. During questioning, he admitted that he’d killed his wife, but said he had done so in a rage after Shanann Watts strangled the girls.

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Their autopsies showed, however, that Bella and Celeste were suffocated, prosecutors said. Bella bit through her tongue multiple times as she fought for her life.

"(Watts') initial 'confession' was patently false, absurd, and grotesque," a lawsuit filed by Shanann Watts' family said.

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Chris Watts disposed of his family at an oil tank battery belonging to the company he worked for. Shanann Watts and Nico, the couple’s unborn son, were buried in a shallow grave and Bella and Celeste were shoved into two tanks of crude oil on the property.

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

Their bodies were found by investigators after Chris Watts confessed to hiding them.

Thursday's release follows the release of thousands of pages of interviews and other information from the law enforcement investigation that shed light on the couple's relationship, how Watts killed Shanann and their children and where he hid their bodies, KMGH reported.