Can you change your early vote? Yes, in some states

'Can I Change My Vote' trends on Google

So you’ve cast your ballot early, wanting to miss the expected lines at polling places, but now, let’s say, you have a change of heart.

Perhaps you’ve heard something about the person you voted for that you just don’t like. Maybe you think you should have considered other factors in your voting decision.

Call it buyer’s remorse, but you’re pretty much stuck with that first choice — unless you live in one of seven states, then you may have an out.

One of Google’s top search topics after last week’s final presidential debate was “Can I change my vote?” On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said people want to switch their votes to him instead of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

According to voting laws in Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, if you change your mind on who you wish to vote for, you can have a do-over.

How significant would it be to have early voters change their vote in an election that has already seen more than 50 million votes cast?

It could be significant, but it isn’t likely to be.

First, there are not many states in which you are allowed to change a vote. Second, in states where you can change your ballot, there are restrictions.

If you are going to change your vote in Minnesota, for instance, you must do so by Tuesday. In Wisconsin, on the other hand, you are allowed to vote up to three times, though officials there say that doesn’t happen often.

In the swing state of Pennsylvania, you can change your absentee ballot up to Election Day, but you must go in person to do so.

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