Brake job ends with wheels falling off during test drive

A California man went to his local Jiffy Lube for new brakes.

But as he was waiting for the repairs to be finished, he overheard a conversation between a technician and the store's manager.

"He said, 'Everything fell off.' And the manager was like, 'What do you mean everything fell off?' And he was like, 'All the wheels fell off,'" Carl Brewer told KBAK.

He didn't realize that the conversation was discussing his vehicle.

Brewer found out that the tech was test-driving his SUV after the brakes were replaced and the wheels came off, KBAK reported.

No one was hurt, but the SUV suffered a broken windshield.

Jiffy Lube eventually agreed to pay for a rental car for a week and Brewer's daughter's car seat which, was also damaged.

The franchise's owner released a statement saying they are reviewing the visit, talking to employees and examining the vehicle to see what caused the accident.

Carl Brewer left his car at Jiffy Lube to get his brakes replaced. What he got when he returned left him in shock.

Posted by Eyewitness News - BakersfieldNow on Friday, May 13, 2016