Boy who thinks he's a police officer delivers heartwarming surprise to nursing home

A boy is spreading joy to senior citizens by hand-delivering roses while dressed as a police officer.

His mother, Brandi Davis, told KMBC that 5-year-old Oliver thinks he's a police officer. Now Oliver is on a mission to protect and serve the people in his community.

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“We recently have been talking about how police are good and how they do good things for people and he said, ‘I want to do good things, too,'” Davis said.

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Oliver came up with the idea of delivering flowers to seniors in his community. Video shows him handing out roses and hugs to elderly women in a senior living center.

He told KMBC that he "radars" cars in his neighborhood to see how fast they're traveling and patrols the streets in his police uniform.

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Police in Overland Park, Kansas, made Oliver an honorary officer to thank him for all his hard work.