Boy takes bus for joyride, three passengers don't realize it

A boy in Germany took a mass transit bus for a joyride recently with three passengers getting on the vehicle without realizing how young the driver was.

The Daily Mail reports the 11-year-old boy said he hoped to one day be a bus driver, so he decided to get some early practice in when he found keys to a bus lying on the ground in a parking lot. The boy got in the privately owned bus in Ingolstadt and began driving it around, including stopping at its designated stops.

The boy opened the front door and three passengers got on the bus without realizing that an 11-year-old was in control, The Daily Mail added. He was turned in when a man waiting for the bus noticed it was “being driven dangerously” and saw the boy in the driver’s seat.

Police said the boy was turned over to his mother and “declared his love for buses” and wanted to drive one in the future. “Fortunately, the bus ride went without causing major damage to the boy and other road users,” a police spokesman said, according to the Daily Mail.

Police said the bus had a dent in the front, but couldn’t determine whether it was caused by the boy or not. The damage would cost around 1,000 euros.

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