Boy, 10, leads police on 50-mile high-speed chase

Police Led On 50-Mile High-Speed Chase By 10-Year-Old Boy

10-year-old boy stole his family's car and lead his parent and police on a chase that reached speeds near 100 mph, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper's in Cleveland who spoke with Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO.

It was the second time this month the boy stole the family car. Multiple drivers called 911 after witnessing the child behind the wheel with what appeared to be his mother chasing behind him in a second car.

The boy drove nearly 50 miles before as many as eight troopers were able to get him stopped, according to troopers who spoke with WOIO.

At one point, a trooper made eye contact with the boy and gestured for him to pull over, but the boy shook his head no.

Troopers eventually boxed in the boy along the Ohio Turnpike, when he got in to a ditch. A trooper bumped the back of the boy's car and that lead to his capture.

The boy kicked one trooper in the shin and spit on another as he was put in handcuffs and taken to the Erie County Juvenile Detention Center.

Amazingly, no one was injured during the high-speed chase.