Boy, 3, dies after accidentally shooting self, authorities say

The 3-year-old son of a police officer died Thursday after accidentally shooting himself with a loaded pistol he found at a home in Arkansas, authorities said.

The boy was identified as the son of Camden police Officer Alec Faulkner and Jessica Faulkner, officials said. At the time of the shooting, the boy’s father was on duty.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the Faulkner family,” Camden police Chief Boyd Woody said Friday in a statement.

Police were called just before 1 p.m. Thursday to a respond to an unspecified call at a home on Copeland Street. When they arrived, they found Jessica Faulkner in the home’s living room. She was holding her 3-year-old son, who had a gunshot wound to his head, according to officials.

The boy was rushed to the emergency room, where he was pronounced dead.

Jessica Faulkner told police that she and her son were home alone when she left him briefly to use the restroom. While she was gone, she said she heard a gunshot.

She rushed to the back bedroom, where she found her son lying on the floor next to the bed, according to police. He had an injury on his head, officials said. She immediately called for help.

A preliminary investigation found that the boy apparently found a loaded pistol in the back bedroom and accidentally shot himself, police said.

Authorities continue to investigate.