Biggest wish: Boy asks stepdad to adopt him

Child holds a drawn house with family.

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Child holds a drawn house with family.

A Los Angeles boy made his birthday one his stepfather will never forget and one that will bring a tear to almost anyone’s eye.

Kalani Watson read a letter to his stepfather on Kalani’s 10th birthday. It spelled out everything that Brandon Williamson has done for him and his family.

Williamson came into Kalani's life when he was a baby and Kalani first called him daddy when he was 4 years old, KTLA reported.

At the end of his letter, he had three simple questions: Does he love Kalani? Does he love Kalani’s mother? Could he live without them.

Williamson was too emotional so he nodded. Then Kalani said, “So let’s stop playing and make it official. Brandon Craig Williamson, will you do me the biggest favor in the world? Will you adopt me?”

After tears and a hug, Kalani’s dad opened his present: a box with the official papers inside.

Kalani’s mother Porsche said that the surprise took two months to plan.

Williamson said he can't watch the video since it was posted on April 30, KTLA reported.