Baby’s body found hidden in storage containers

A shocking discovery in a South Carolina apartment building has police and investigators dealing with an unimaginable case. They have to determine what happened to a baby that led to its death, and find out why someone would put the baby's body in not one, but two containers, WSPA reported.

A sheriff’s deputy was at the apartment in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, to serve eviction papers. That’s when the baby’s remains were found, sealed in two containers and left in a bedroom.

No one has been charged yet, but police are awaiting autopsy results.

"The landlord was coming down and she was just crying," apartment building resident Bianca Jackson told WSPA. "I'm like 'Miss Reina, what's wrong?' And she was like 'Bianca, there's a dead baby up there.'"

Police officers who are investigating the baby’s death are able to get counseling.

"It's very sad and very difficult for officers and investigators to have to go in and do their job and determine what took place," Fountain Inn Police Capt. Michael Hamilton told WSPA.