U.S. and New Zealand runners help each other finish the race after fall

This show of sportsmanship captures the true spirit of the Olympic games.
Two runners tripped and fell while competing in the women's 5,000 meter race Tuesday morning, but instead of leaving each other behind, the athletes encouraged each other to finish the race.
Video shows New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin trip and fall on the track. American runner Abbey D'Agostino was right behind her and also fell.
Hamblin laid on the track motionless after the fall, but D'Agostino pushed herself up, and turned to Hamblin.

"Get up! Get up! We have to finish!" D'Agostino told Hamblin as she laid on the track, according to ESPN. "This is the Olympic Games! We have to finish this."

Once Hamblin was back on her feet, the two women continued the race. The two were dead last in the race, but determined to cross the finish line.
ESPN reports D'Agostino hurt her knee in the fall, and was running slowly.
When Hamblin looked back to see if she could help, D'Agostino encouraged her to continue on.
"Keep going, keep going," D'Agostino called out.
D'Agostino finished last and Hamblin finished next to last. After crossing the finish line, the two runners embraced.
"I'm so grateful for Abbey doing that," Hamblin told reporters after the race. "That girl is the Olympic spirit right there."
U.S. Track and Field announced on Twitter Monday morning that they protested the finish and D'Agostino will be advancing to the 5,000 meter final on Friday.