Amazing transformation: Emaciated dog recovering after she was found nearly dead on LA street

A dog found starving on a Los Angeles street is recovering with help from an animal rescue group and other supporters.

Spirit Golden Heart, named by the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation, a dog rescue group in Los Angeles, weighed 26 pounds - about half the normal weight when she was found Aug. 1, according to KTVU.

"How long did people walk past her? How many people saw her starving," the rescue group wrote in a Facebook post. "She has ticks, and maggots. She stopped trying to live."

Her name comes from a heart-shaped mark on her coat.

“She has maggots in open wounds, large fat ticks and is starving,”

. “It took a long time for her to get like this.”

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Spirit's recovery continues.

She currently has a slight fever and swollen joints, according to a recent Facebook post by the rescue group.

A lot of Spirit's veterinary fees were waived but other costs are being paid from the rescue group's emergency fund.