911 call goes unanswered because dispatcher was ordering pizza

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An emergency call to 911 in Florida was not answered because the dispatcher was ordering a pizza, according to officials.

The call came into the Broward County Sheriff's Office after a man had a seizure and passed out at an optometrist's office in September, according to WSVN.

An investigation revealed that there was only one dispatcher on duty at the time, who was placing a 7-minute call to order pizzas and other food.
"Let me have one slice of cheese pizza. Let me have a lunch special, the pizza lunch special -- two cheese pizzas and a Coke,” the dispatcher said in a recording of the call, according to WSVN. “Let me have the lunch special -- two pepperonis and a Coke. Let me have a one slice of pepperoni pizza. Let me have a, I guess a cup of -- what is it? Pasta fagioli ... fagioli. I don't know what I was saying."

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The dispatcher admitted to the mistake and was reprimanded in December, according to WSVN.
The man who passed out regained consciousness and is OK, according to WSVN.