1,100-pound man leaves bed for first time in 6 years


Credit: Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

A 32-year-old man from Mexico who weighs 1,110 pounds left his bed for the first time in six years to receive medical treatment in Guadalajara, according to several media reports.

Juan Pedro Franco Salas lives in the central Mexico city of Aguascalientes. Gabriela Centeno, a spokeswoman for the office of Dr. Jose Antonio Castaneda, said Tuesday that Salas was transported to Guadalajara where blood samples were taken, the New York Daily News reported. She said Salas will remain in that city for several months receiving treatment.

A special frame was erected to help Salas stand, the Daily News reported. He then left his parents’ shop in central Mexico and was driven to Guadalajara.

"I think there is new hope. A door has been opened for me," Salas told NBC News.

Salas weighed 440 pounds when he was 17 and gained more weight after suffering from depression, NBC News reported.

Manuel Uribe, also from Mexico, was once considered the world's heaviest man before his death in 2014. He was 48. Uribe's peak weight of 1,230 pounds was certified in 2006 as a Guinness world record.

According to Guinness, the heaviest person in medical history was Jon Brower Minnoch, whose weight in 1978 was calculated at 1,400 pounds. Minnoch died in 1983.