Target fires employee behind ‘Blue Lives Matter’ TikTok video

Target has fired an employee who allegedly made a TikTok video showing a “Blue Lives Matter” drink being prepared with bleach, ice and what they call the “blood of innocent Black men.”

The video shows the drink being made at an Indiana Starbucks located inside the Target. A song titled “All I Want for Christmas is a Few Dead Cops” is being played in the background.

“This video is appalling and unacceptable,” said a spokesperson for the Minneapolis-based retail chain, the eighth largest in the U.S. “We don’t tolerate this behavior at Target, want all guests to be treated with respect and are terminating the team member who is responsible.

“We also have rigorous food safety procedures in place, which this team member egregiously violated with this behavior. We’re deeply sorry for this disturbing video, which TikTok has removed based on the platform’s guidelines.”

The employee was identified as a Target worker, not an employee of Starbucks.

“We don’t believe this was served to a guest,” the Target spokesperson said. “After talking to the team member involved, we don’t believe actual bleach was used, only milk and water.”