Second stimulus check looking less likely before end of year

The second stimulus check remains in limbo as Congress is adjourned until next week.

CBS News Moneywatch reports that economists say the second stimulus, even if it’s passed before the end of the year, is unlikely to match the first, which offered checks for $1,200 to Americans.

Both parties are on separate ends of coming to an agreement on the stimulus, further causing delays.

Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on multiple key issues, including funding for states and cities that have been impacted economically by the coronavirus pandemic. They also disagree on unemployment assistance and funding for state and local governments.

And if Congress, returning to work Monday, does end up passing stimulus before the end of the year, it will take weeks for the Internal Revenue Service to deposit the checks into American’s accounts.

The CBS News report comes after President-elect Joe Biden said the next stimulus will likely come next year, when President Trump is out of office. Currently, the Biden administration is focusing on transitioning to the presidential office in January.