JLD, Cedric Richmond Jr. shine on social media star on DNC 2020′s last night

Julia Louis-Dreyfus added some levity to the final night of the Democratic National Convention. And some people are already asking when Cedric Richmond, Jr., will be old enough to run for president.

Both starred on social media on Thursday night, as the slickly produced, all-virtual convention came to a close with Joe Biden’s acceptance speech.

“If we all vote, there is nothing Facebook, Fox News, and Vladimir Putin can do to stop us,” was one of Louis-Dreyfus’ early lines. She also joked a fifth night had been added to the convention schedule “where we will just play Michelle Obama’s speech on a loop.”

Here are some other zingers Louis-Dreyfus, as host of the convention’s final night, delivered:

  • “Text VOTE to 30330. 30330 — that would be the President’s golf score if he didn’t cheat.”

  • “Personally, I plan to follow the example of six current cabinet members, Vice President Pence, and President Trump himself, and vote by mail.”
  • “Joe Biden not only knows how to read, but also, he reads everything.”
  • “Joe Biden goes to church so regularly that he doesn’t even need tear gas and a bunch of federalized troops to get him get there.”

Louis-Dreyfus was the star of social media as the convention got underway, but not everyone was a fan of her approach.

The Republican National Convention begins Monday, Aug. 24.

The other social media star of the night was Cedric Richmond, Jr., who delivered the pledge of allegiance.

Richmond is the son of US Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana.

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