Ex-Georgia teacher facing more charges over alleged relationship with student

A former northeast Georgia schoolteacher is now facing even more charges over an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student.

Leslie Terrell is back in jail, according to the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, after violating her parole by re-contacting the student in question.

Terrell was first arrested back in March and was charged with 10 felony and misdemeanors. Police said they were contacted around March 19 by the school system when Terrell allegedly gave her personal cell number to a student.

On May 18, Habersham authorities said they received information Terrell had violated the terms of her bond and re-contacted the juvenile involved in the pending prosecution.

“The findings of the follow-up investigation have revealed evidence showing that Terrell has continued to pursue the inappropriate relationship with the juvenile,” Habersham sheriffs said Friday.

The Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office has filed a motion to revoke Terrell’s bond and issued new arrest warrants. Terrell was taken back into custody on Thursday and readmitted into the Habersham County jail.

She is now facing additional charges including statutory rape; child molestation; enticing a child; and sexual battery, all of which are felonies.

Terrell already had been charged with influencing a witness and false statements, and is facing misdemeanor counts of obstruction; distributing obscene materials; electronically furnishing obscene materials to a minor; and interference with custody.