Bidens’ family cat joining 2 dogs at the White House

Biden’s GermanShepherds Involvedin Biting Incidentat White House.President Joe Biden’s twoGerman Shepherds, Majorand Champ, have been sentback to Delaware following anincident at the White House.CNN reports that3-year-old Majorwas involved in a“biting incident”with an unidentifiedmember of security. .White House Press SecretaryJen Psaki briefly commented onthe situation during an interviewon MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’.Psaki said she didn’t have“any specifics” but thatthe two dogs were “partof the Bidens' family.” .I don’t have any updates for you, Mika, onreports about an incident. But what I cantell you as a dog lover—I know you are—isthat Major and Champ are part of the Bidens’family. They’re members of the family, Jen Psaki, to 'Morning Joe'.She went on to point outthat it is not unusual forMajor and Champ to goto Delaware when firstlady Jill Biden travels. .They often go to Delaware when thefirst lady is traveling, and they’re adjustingto their new home. But I don’t have anymore on those reports, I just know thatthey’re beloved members of the family, andof course of the White House family, too, Jen Psaki, to 'Morning Joe'.Michael LaRosa, spokesman for the first lady,later confirmed that the dogs went to Delawareto “stay with family friends” while Jill traveled. .A White House official reportedly toldNBC News that the dogs “[would] be back.”

Looks like there’s more four-legged drama coming to the White House.

First lady Jill Biden told NBC’s “TODAY” the family cat will soon join her canine counterparts. “She’s waiting in the wings,” Biden told show co-anchor Craig Melvin.

President Joe Biden and his wife already have two German shepherds in the White House, one of whom — Major, age 3 — has been involved in several biting incidents. Major was adopted by Joe Biden in November 2018 from a Delaware animal shelter, and Champ was adopted as a puppy.

Joe Biden suffered "hairline fractures" in a foot while playing with his dog.
Joe Biden suffered "hairline fractures" in a foot while playing with his dog.

Both dogs were sent back to the Bidens’ Delaware home for a while in March, while their world-famous owners were traveling. They are the first dogs to occupy the White House since the Obama administration’s Bo and Sunny, two Portuguese water dogs.

Animals have long been a major part of life at the White House.

ExploreMajor to become White House’s first rescue dog

In 1863, 10-year-old Tad Lincoln befriended a turkey sent to the White House for a holiday feast. He named the bird Jack and treated him as a pet, according to the White House Historical Association.

As Christmas Day approached, Tad realized it would soon be time to prepare the turkey for Christmas dinner. The young boy burst into the Cabinet meeting in tears and pleaded with his father to pardon the bird from the “executioner.” Recent presidential speeches cite this historic anecdote as the basis for the modern-day turkey pardoning photo-op at Thanksgiving.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s dog, Fala, became a movie star in 1943 when MGM made a short-subject film relating the World War II home-front story from the canine’s perspective. The studio made a second installment in 1946 after his master’s death that included Fala’s tour of Hyde Park, the Roosevelt family estate and future site of a presidential library.

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