Alabama traffic stop leads to 1 dead, police officer shot

What to do when you're stopped by police

One person is dead and a Dothan, Alabama, police officer is hospitalized after a routine traffic stop became violent Monday.

Dothan Police Chief Will Benny told reporters an officer pulled over a driver because the vehicle didn’t have a license plate. According to Fox 10, the officer saw a gun in the vehicle and the driver pulled away without permission.

The officer followed a short distance until the vehicle stopped at an intersection and the driver got out with a pistol, Benny said.

“Officers attempted to use a Taser to incapacitate the suspect. The suspect began firing at an officer and struck him in the left leg,” Benny said. “The officer and his backup fired at the suspect, ending the confrontation.”

Police didn’t release the name of the officer, who was doing well after surgery, or the man who was killed.

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