Mom killed for her baby was excited about seeing new acquaintance

Before she was killed by the woman who police say wanted to steal her newborn baby, Natalia Roberts called her mother to tell her how excited she was about the gift she was to receive from a new acquaintance.

“She called her mother and told her that something real good had just happened,” Roberts’ uncle Benny Roberts told Channel 2 Action News after his niece’s funeral Friday.

Benny Roberts told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that Natalia had called her mother to tell her she just met the nicest woman; a woman who wanted to help her and her 3-week-old baby.

“She was excited about baby clothes that had been offered to her and how good God was,” Benny Roberts said.

Instead, Catoosa County investigators said Catherine Goins, who offered Natalia Roberts the baby clothes, had something else in mind when she invited her to the Ringgold house.

Deputies said Goins shot Natalia Roberts, a 30-year-old single mother of three, in the back of the head. They said Goins claimed Natalia Roberts was an intruder in the home, even though Roberts brought her 3-year-old along with her 3-week-old baby.

Investigators said they figured out that Goins, 37, faked a pregnancy and planned to pretend that the little girl was her own.

“It was like a made-for-TV movie,” Benny Roberts told Channel 2. Natalia Roberts’ children are currently with family members.

Catherine Goins, 37, remains in the Catoosa County Jail in northwest Georgia with no bond.