Man has diploma, but Morehouse says he didn’t graduate

Terry Boyd says he graduated from Morehouse College 33 years ago. And he’s got the diploma that proves he has a degree.

Or at least that’s what Boyd thought the diploma meant. But when the Atlanta man applied for a job that would’ve paid him a $150,000 salary, he learned from his prospective employer that his college degree couldn’t be verified, his attorney, Marsha Mignott, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

That’s because Morehouse College doesn’t believe Boyd earned the diploma because of a “D” he earned in a chemistry class, Mignott said. But Boyd claims he actually earned a “C” in the course, which was a prerequisite course for a class he also earned a “C” in, the DeKalb County attorney said.

If Boyd hadn’t earned the “C,” he wouldn’t have been allowed to take the next course, both core requirements for his major, he contends.

“We believe they may have erroneously told a potential employer that he didn’t graduate,” Mignott said by phone Thursday afternoon.

Boyd contacted the college and tried to get the issue taken care of, but was unsuccessful. Letters from two attorneys, including Mignott, also didn’t help. Mignott said she and Boyd had no other choice but to file a lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court.

“I really feel disappointed in Morehouse as far as the administration is concerned,” Boyd told Channel 2 Action News.

Mignott said a court date for Boyd’s case has been set for October. The college has counter-sued Boyd and wants the diploma returned, Mignott said.

“They could avoid a jury trial by calling and saying, ‘Hey, we need to resolve this,’ ” Mignott said.

Morehouse did not respond to a phone call or email from Channel 2, nor a late email from the AJC regarding the lawsuits.

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