Macon-Bibb citizens call for commissioner’s resignation; official defends Trump post

social media post by District 3 Commissioner Elaine Lucas has some Macon-Bibb citizens calling for her resignation, according to news station WGXA.
Lucas , however, said she doesn't regret sharing the post, news station WMGT reported.

The post, made to Lucas' Facebook page June 3, according to WGXA, shows President Donald Trump in a coffin surrounded by Bill Clinton, George Bush, Hillary Clinton and others. A bottle of bleach is on the casket. The caption reads "Rest in bleach."
A petition started by Edie Spradley had nearly 1,000 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon. Spradley wrote those "who represent our city should hold themselves to a higher standard when posting on social media platforms."

"Resignation of Elaine Lucas. In light of all the racial problems going on at the present time she posted a very offensive and distasteful picture of our President. Although it was on her personal Facebook page city council members who represent our city should hold themselves to a higher standard when posting on social media platforms. This is not The leadership that the citizens of Macon Bibb deserve and expect. Career council members easily forget who they represent. New leadership is crucial to move our city in the right direction and unify our communities and improve race relations." -- Edie Spradley

“The president said that people ought to drink disinfectant — that it could go into the lungs and clean them out,” Lucas told WMGT. “I thought the post that was sent to me was kind of funny. It even had his wife Melania standing up there with Democrats, and there was a bleach bottle on the top of it. I thought it was funny.”

Lucas, who was reelected June 9 after running unopposed, said she has seen other posts about Trump and chosen not to share them, WMGT reported.

“It’s funnier than some of the ones that I’ve seen about him,” Lucas told WMGT. “There’s some that are really ugly that I have chosen not to share, but there are some that are really, really funny.”

Lucas told WMGT "people ought to lighten up a little bit." 
The commissioner told WMGT there are more serious issues to be concerned about.

“They’re not caring about the fact that we’re right in the middle of a pandemic and people are not taking it seriously and that we’ve lost over 100,000 of our citizens — U.S. citizens — because of this virus,” Lucas told WMGT. “They’re not thinking about that. They’re over there being nosy, checking in on my Facebook page. If you don’t like what’s on my Facebook page, if you don’t want to know what Elaine Lucas is thinking, stay off of my Facebook page.”

Macon-Bibb Commissioner Joe Allen also recently faced criticism and apologized after a controversial comment he made on a Milwaukee television station's Facebook live video, WMGT reported.

Allen commented about a Facebook Live video by a FOX6 News Milwaukee reporter covering protests, according to WMGT. He wrote, “It’s now time to SHOOT to KILL them if they continue to destroy.”

A petition was created in response to that incident and demanded Allen’s resignation, according to WMGT.