Woodstock offers to waive first-year occupational business tax

Seeking to encourage more small businesses to open in Woodstock, the city announced that as of Nov. 1, it will offer to waive application, inspection and occupational tax fees for the first year for a qualified firm.

The City Council approved the New Small Business Occupational Tax Waiver on Monday. To qualify for the program, a business must be newly organized, with fewer than 10 employees, occupying a commercial location in Woodstock, among other requirements.

“Woodstock has been focusing on programs for a few years that help foster a business-friendly community to attempt to grow our employment base,” stated Mayor Donnie Henriques. “We hope that the waiver of these fees is seen as a further incentive to take that next step here in Woodstock.”

The city’s economic development plan emphasizes recruiting and retaining small- and medium-sized businesses to help reverse the 93% out-commute pattern, officials said. The city estimated about 50 businesses should qualify each year for the waiver program. Information: 770-592-6054.