When little kids shoot themselves, who's responsible?

“What good can come from prosecuting this father?”

That's Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds talking. The father in question is the Acworth resident who briefly left his loaded gun on his bed last month. His 2-year-old son came upon the weapon and shot himself in the face. He was dead at the scene.

The toddler was among four small children who have been killed by unintentional gunshots in just the past six weeks in or near metro Atlanta. They also include the child pictured here, Jayden Jamar Clay, who died at his Butts County home.

In a similar case in Atlanta last weekend, a 6-year-old girl came across a gun between the sofa cushions at home and shot and killed herself. But the police made a different call in this case than in the one in Acworth.

Learn what that decision was and find out more about how Georgia law applies in such matters.