Uniting the community through differences

Deloris Powell knows first-hand about secrets and bullying. So much so, that she wrote a children’s book called The Cool Kid with a Secret. It’s her “secret” and a personal mission to her.

She says, “it’s about a fourth grader with a reading disability that becomes the bully in the classroom because he’s embarrassed about his disability and doesn’t want anyone to know about it.”

It was during her book tour that she noticed that many of the kids had a reading disability or were a bully. The patterns coincided with the book.

“I realized then that there needed to be an organization to help at-risk youth, kids with reading disabilities and childhood victims of bullying,” said founder and Executive Director of Cool Kids’ Committee Delores Powell. “This program is every day.”

CKC, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising bullying and learning disorder awareness, as well as advocating for at risk students, according to their website.

“I know how kids feel that are being bullied and kids that are bullies feel, because most of them are victims of bullying from somewhere. Behavior patterns picked up from somewhere whether it be in home or school,” said Powell. “They feel like if others can do it, they can too.”

The organization offers mentors, tutors, educational support, community involvement opportunities, and physical fitness programs. Active involvement from Georgia State Troopers and other law enforcement help strengthen Powell’s quest.

Powell sees the kids in the schools, rec centers and camps. She finds ways to merge seeming different groups by educating them in seeing that they are actually in the same or similar situation.

Her mission and message is meant to reach all ethnicities. Powell tells the kids, “Don’t judge the person next to you because of their shortcomings. Figure out a way to help them.”

Powell’s heart goes deeper through her personal mentoring. She shows up wherever and whenever she is needed. Sometimes it’s at a home or school, but she’s been known to sit on a curb listening and talking them through their issues. Parents and children alike.

CKC, Inc will hold “The Real Superheroes 5K – Put a Freeze on Bullying” presented by Marietta Toyota on Saturday, Sept. 28th at 8:00 a.m., at Noonday Creek Trail.

The race is intended to increase bullying awareness and prevention. Powell said, “This is more than a one-day event, but an everyday goal.

“The finish line we cross is the finish line of change: it should mark a new beginning.”

Powell said, “She’s campaigning to save a life, not to gain a seat.”

Race information: Noonday Creek Trail, 400 Earnest Barrett Parkway, NW, Kennesaw. Parking at Belk’s (Town Center Mall). Cost: $25 for runners and $20 for walkers.

For more information, visit www.coolkidscommitteeinc.org

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