Two killed in collision that injures DeKalb officer

A woman and a female passenger died early Saturday evening after colliding with an on-duty patrol officer, DeKalb Police Chief William O'Brien told the AJC.

DeKalb police officer K.M. Hambie was driving along Covington Highway when, according to a witness, 51-year-old Cheryl Blount ran a red light at Kensington Road in Avondale Estates.

"[Ofc. Hambie] t-boned the car on Covington Highway," O'Brien said. Blount and passenger, Shelley Amos, 56, died as a result of injuries sustained in the collision, which remains under investigation.

Hambie broke a pelvis in the wreck, likely leaving her sidelined for the next three weeks to a month, O'Brien said.

--Staff writers David Markiewicz and Kristi E. Swartz contributed to this article.

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