Two Forsyth schools top 90 percent proficiency in Milestones testing

The new state standardized test results are out for the 2017-18 school year. In Forsyth County, several schools topped the charts.

For third grade language arts, Daves Creek Elementary School scored the highest, with 90.2 percent of students showing proficiency in the subject. For eighth grade math, Riverwatch Middle School’s test scores were at the top, with 93.6 percent of students showing proficiency.

The Georgia Department of Education divides results on the Georgia Milestones --- the state’s standardized tests --- into four tiers. The best performers are “distinguished,” followed by “proficient.” If a student is proficient, they are ready for the next grade.

“Developing” and “beginning” learners, however, will need help, with the beginners in the worst spot. They will require “substantial” support to get on track.

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Just two of the 21 Forsyth elementary schools had below a 50 percent proficiency rate in language arts. This year’s batch of third graders at eight Forsyth elementary schools performed worse on the test than the 2016-17 class.

At all but just one Forsyth middle school, at least six out of every 10 students were proficient in math. Six of the 10 schools performed worse in math than they did the year before.

Students who don’t master reading by third grade will likely struggle in later years, when they will need to be able to read well in order to learn other subjects. In addition to English in third grade, mastery of math by eighth grade is considered essential, since it’s a foundation for the more complex concepts in high school.

Newsroom Data Specialists Jacquelyn Elias and Jennifer Peebles contributed to this article.

Third grade Language Arts – here's the 10 Forsyth elementary schools with the highest percentage of students scoring proficient or better on the 2018 Georgia Milestones:

• Daves Creek Elementary: 90.2

• Big Creek Elementary: 87

• Sharon Elementary: 84.4

• Johns Creek Elementary: 81.2

• Settles Bridge Elementary: 77.6

• Brookwood Elementary: 76

• Mashburn Elementary: 72.1

• Sawnee Elementary: 62

• Shiloh Point Elementary: 61.6

• Haw Creek Elementary: 61.2

Eighth grade Math – here's the 10 Forsyth middle schools with the highest percentage of students scoring proficient or better on the 2018 Georgia Milestones:

• Riverwatch Middle: 93.6

• Piney Grove Middle: 85.2

• South Forsyth Middle: 83.3

• Lakeside Middle: 76

• Vickery Creek Middle: 69.3

• Liberty Middle: 67.7

• Otwell Middle: 66

• North Forsyth Middle: 65.3

• DeSana Middle: 65.1

• Little Mill Middle: 55.6

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