Tunnel closure for Cabbagetown party irks some neighbors

Some Atlanta residents are concerned about a private event that will close the Krog Street tunnel during a weekend in late October.
Channel 2's Carol Sbarge went to the neighborhood in Cabbagetown and found mixed feelings about the Masquerade Ball scheduled on Oct. 25.
The event would close the tunnel to traffic and pedestrians. Kelbi Morris lives nearby and says, with a 2-year-old, she worries about the tunnel being closed.
"The ability for emergency vehicles to enter and exit the neighborhood specifically fire and ambulance," Morris said.
Organizers are hoping to get 2,000 people there for the masquerade ball. It is a private event people will have to pay to attend.
Some residents say they welcome the Masquerade Ball.
"It adds a certain uniqueness to this area and I think it will be great and I will be here," said Menasha Fernaders.
Some concerned residents want to know if any of the money raised from the event will be given back to the community.
The organizer says he has the proper permitting from Atlanta to have the event. If it is a success, promoters hopes to make it an annual tradition.