5 things to know: Some schools to close early, before snow arrives

Five things to know Tuesday, Feb. 9:

1. An arctic cold front moved into Georgia overnight and led to flurries expected to continue throughout the day and overnight. [Lauren Foreman has the story | Atlanta-area weather forecast]

2. A college fund has been set up to help provide educational scholarships for the six children of fallen MARTA Officer Jesse Tarplin. [Andria Simmons has the details here]

3. The Falcons have released a linebacker and a safety. [Find out which ones here]

4. Monica Lewinsky has launched a new series of anti-bullying emojis, meant to give people a quick way to lend support to a friend. [Jennifer Brett tells you more in her Buzz blog]

5. State House leaders packed a subcommittee with nonmembers to help vote down a bid to extend civil rights protections to LGBT Georgians. [Janel Davis and Aaron Gould Sheinin tell you what exactly that means]

Bonus content

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