The Vent

The “do not call” list is completely useless!

Most panic turns are completely unnecessary. Go down the street and turn around. Just takes a minute.

Tractor trailer drivers always insist that they can’t stop on a dime so car drivers should not pull in front of them. If the tractor trailer drivers can’t stop quickly then why do they tail-gate all the time. It’s very frightening.

To the wonderful stranger who paid for my groceries at The Farmer’s Market when I didn’t realize I lost my check card. God Bless You!! There are still good people in the world!

I see that a lot of charities are giving lunches to kids now that school is out. Where is the money the government is giving their parents, via welfare and food stamps going? Isn’t it supposed to be for the kids?

Kids need time to be kids; they aren’t little automatons. Let them have their 3 months off in summer. It’ll be over for them soon enough.

Let’s call “no knock” warrants what they really are….”home invasion” warrants.

For those who think that a car can be safely operated by sophisticated software without operator intervention, keep in mind that GM has recalled 2.1 million cars (and dozens have died) because of a simple ignition switch. Ignition switches have been on cars since the Model T.

Sorry if it bugs you, but my car has blinkers. And my shopping cart is a buggy. Deal with it.

No-knock warrants are just like the old Gestapo and Dictatoships of Russia. All in the name of the “so- called” War on Drugs! It’s stupid!

I can’t get to the remote fast enough when that stupid AT&T commercial comes on with that couple and the sleeping baby.

If Nathan Deal supports guns in every venue, why are they not allowed in the State Capitol?

You’re upset about trash along Georgia roadways? How about the obtrusive billboards that greet visitors? I’ll take the wild flowers of the Carolina roadways any day!

We are heading toward being called the murder capital of the world again and I mean we as in METRO Atlanta.

Dear Drug War proponents! Repeating the same experiment, the same way over and over while expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY!

Taxpayers are shelling out a couple of millions in whistle blower lawsuit settlement because Deal squashed an investigation into his corruption and he thinks we should re-elect him.