The Vent

Got selected for express security check at the airport. It was like winning a lottery

A bicyclist shouldn’t be riding on a sidewalk in the first place. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. Try riding your bike on a sidewalk in NYC and see what happens.

Yeah, a life sentence is tough. Sitting in the air conditioning and watching TV.

Our government is an expert at helping the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

If Realtors are so desperate for home sellers than why do they ignore the sellers they do have?

The Georgia DOT is afraid of mass transit because the politicians who fund them are bought and paid for by road contractors.

Explain to me how the US Post Office can afford the licensing deal with Spiderman 2? Pretty expensive project. What was their ROI on this deal?

Since Herschel Walker claims to have multiple personalities, which personality is endorsing Kingston?

Just wondering if Kingston had to pay Herschel Walker’s agent a fee to endorse his candidacy?

Now a day you cannot have a “party” for anyone under 40 years old without gun violence.

The CEO’s are taking record amounts of money out of the corporations while some of their full time employees are paid so little they qualify for food stamps. It may be necessary to pull out the guillotine again. Or better yet don’t vote to support these robber barons and their lackeys.

Don’t you understand that the price of gas is directly controlled by OPEC? If they want higher prices, they just reduce production.

Snowden would have a much bigger impression if he hadn’t run away like a scared puppy. At least Ellsberg stuck around and faced his critics. Snowden was just a little boy playing with big boy toys.

Edward Snowden is a Coward with a capital “C”.

Thought my mute button could rest after all the republican candidate commercials, then I remembered those awful Zaxby’s commercials with the Duck Dynasty women. Can’t understand a word they say

If there is a problem getting lethal drugs for executions, perhaps it’s a message that we need to terminate executions.