The Vent

I think Tina Fey made Sarah Palin infamous.

Some of those rednecks in trucks belong to militias and will evolve into home-grown terrorists! Work in a military surplus store for awhile for a close-up look!

Why hasn't the government launched an antitrust lawsuit against the airlines for price fixing on passenger fares? Is it because of their lobbyists bloc giving our political representatives kickbacks, etc.?

As an answer to all of those who want to get rid of factual history as a censoring measure, why don't we just go back to when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and start all over? That way they could rewrite this country's history as they want it to read.

Georgia lottery has record profits. This is a win-win-win-win-lose occurrence. Politicians do not have to be held accountable for raising taxes. Students have better opportunities. Lottery operators are getting bonuses. Poor people are paying more taxes.

Bush got us into an unnecessary, expensive and devastating war and now his progeny want to do it again. Do we ever learn from our mistakes?

I like that the AJC has the Vent. If you send a vent, please research the topic first. There are so many vents that the facts are wrong. It is sad to read. And most of them are very easy to verify, which makes it even sadder. Although it is sometimes funny to see what people think is true.

My patient wanted the best possible treatment for his condition and cost was no object. I told him eat less and exercise more, that's free and you can start today. No, he says, I want a pill or operation that my insurance will pay for.

Militia types believe the 2nd Amendment allows them to own nukes!

To the NAACP: If you continue to antagonize people who had nothing to do with slavery, are not racist and actually judge people by their content, eventually they are going to become racist. Enough already.

The people in Iran are waving the U.S. flag instead of burning it and this is a bad thing according to all the people who were wrong about the Iraq war.

The government, all of it, should just stop trying to legislate morality. If someone wants to make an immoral decision (however it's defined), it's between them and God, if they believe in a god, and the consequences are theirs to bear.