The Vent

Sony, it's a little late to make a second first impression. You're still a bunch of weenies.

Am I the only one who thinks that this Sony problem stinks? It's a great marketing plan to draw interest in a mediocre movie and additional revenue.

Pass the egg nog (pssst don't forget the special sauce)! It's Christmas … the fireside is blazing bright, and we're caroling through the night! And this Christmas will be a special Christmas for me!

There's a waitress at the Waffle House on Virginia Avenue that has eyelashes so long that when she blinks, her head bobs up and down.

People it is now officially winter! Please stock a winter emergency kit in your car, download a weather app to your phone, and keep a weather eye to the sky!

Just drove through Atlanta to go to the Fernbank. You people DO NOT know how to drive! Lights are to be ON when it's raining. It's the law. When traffic moves, you move. Pull all the way up to the balk line. Leaving gaps so someone can turn left, through traffic, is illegal! Get with it, people.

I guess Bobo decided it was time to go-go.

Happy Holidays! If you're offended, perhaps it's time to reassess what is really important.

Tornadoes in December! What the what!

Why does every gift card have to start between $15-$20 dollars? Is anyone really going to spend $20 eating lunch at Wendy's? I only want to treat you to one!

Robin McGraw likely sits in the audience and participates in the show's warm-up to discourage crazy female groupies. Smart lady!

I don't care what the political naysayers scream, I look forward to taking a vacation legally in Cuba one day! A Cuba Libre in Cuba—what a thought! Woo-hoo!

So, UPS promises to be better this year, huh? I received notice my package was not delivered today as planned because they couldn't get it on the plane. I guess that pair of earrings took up too much room, right?

Gay marriage in Georgia, the sooner, the better! It's 2014!