The Vent

The superior attitude of Atlanta drivers over sharing the road with anyone is baffling. What a bunch of arrogant buffoons.

R.I.P. Howard Baker, a true statesman. You wouldn’t be allowed in today’s GOP.

I would change that college requirement to 21 years of age and three years military service.

People are so quick to judge these days.

I “attended” a Georgia university for a master’s degree. About half of my classes were online only.

I love old movies because back then you didn’t need a lawyer to communicate with others.

Every person I have ever met from Alabama was nicer than anyone I have met from Atlanta. Those folks just have a chip on their shoulder.

Yep, rugby fans can actually watch the game without fighting each other.

I played rugby for the Atlanta Renegades for two years, and my favorite part was the beer at halftime.

After the wrongheaded decision to allow anonymous unlimited campaign contributions, the Supreme Court is finally getting a few decisions right.

The person dissing Online degrees needs to join the 21st century. It takes more initiative and drive to finish an online degree and pass the certification exams than a brick and mortar college. No one is there holding your hand and P.S. I have an advanced degree from Emory.

Soccer is like sushi. It’s uncool not to like it, but no one really does.

Why is an appliance repair technician driving a company car with dealer plates on it?

Rugby combines all the worst aspects of football and soccer.

You always disparage those whom you envy!

I’d much rather drive to Alabama than north of Interstate 20 something is certainly wrong up there it must be the purified water!

I fly first class so I don’t have to sit next to you jerks who argue over the arm rest!

NOW the GOP is going to use taxpayer money to sue the President? Incredible, still not solving any of America’s major issues.