The Vent

I don’t usually brag, but when I do, it’s because I made the Vent!

Nobody is going to be overjoyed when the elections end in runoffs. The mudslinging is here through the holidays folks.

Gas is going down only because of election time. I caught on to that the last election.

You do know that there is no family called the “Biltmores”, right? I suspect that you have more in common with Honey Boo Boo than you let on.

I voted early and you should, too!

Major League Baseball and NASCAR are both dying of overexposure.

I got you all beat! I’m a chocoholic, I spent my childhood reading instead of playing outside, and I was drinking coffee by the time I turned 12. I’m either lucky, or the Reaper’s been getting lost in my book stacks when he comes calling!

Too bad liberals cannot comprehend a simple economic concept known as the law of supply and demand, when it comes to gasoline prices.

If you run into trouble because your name was not added to the voting rolls, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE Thanks! Vote!

Hey tailgater, what’s your hurry? Do you need go to washroom?

Georgia native you seem to know a lot about Honey Boo Boo to never have watched the program.

Why would folks whose jobs have been sent to China vote for an executive who sent them?

After 9/11, Bush had a blank check to do whatever he needed to do to secure our country. He did not use that ability in 7 years. Why is it an issue now if it was not one then?

Hey Georgia, don’t be afraid to send a woman to the senate. Ladies, strengthened the woman coalition of reasonable behavior!!!

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