The Vent

Flags and carvings are not making people racist or do bad things. They would do it no matter what. Let's concentrate on getting better people in Congress and more police on highways. Let's save real lives not worry about inanimate objects that are a part of history and will never go away. We can't change the past but we can change the future!

Like I didn't chip in enough for the new stadium, it will now get Mercedes-Benz on the name. Should be called "Fleeced City of Atlanta Taxpayers Dome."

The requirements for immigrants to come here should be difficult. Immigration should be used to make the country better, not more like the countries that they are trying to flee.

Look, I'm really counting on you! Let's try for at least one day a week when a DeKalb official is NOT indicted. Just one. Do it for the Vent team.

A country without borders is not a country.

Note to Republicans (in this case, Jeb): Please don't waste time trying to judge which candidate is more conservative. Stick to the issues. If I hear good solutions from Lassie, then Lassie gets my vote. The concept of conservatism is useless as Rome burns.

You just can't hide stupid, I see it on the news every single day.

How does someone "banish" a gun at a police officer? Ha ha ha! Gotta love these illiterates!

When are the telephone scammers going to be satisfied with the people who DO fall for their cons? I'm absolutely sick of their incessant phone calls (although I don't answer) and sick that something can't or won't be done about it.

Protest all you want and I will defend your right to do so – however you start throwing rocks and bottles at the police and if it was left up to me, I would shoot you in a New York minute.