The Vent

Hey, San Francisco and New York have better public transportation than Atlanta. I am glad they studied that. It was a real question.

Did you see the video of the hawk taking out a drone? Priceless!

Holding up Germany as a bastion of civilization will never seem appropriate to me.

Bye-bye Gurley. Bye-bye Dawgs.

When your hotel chain chose an outside company, that was called contracting, not outsourcing.

"Germans consider the arts their rights. … We're the barbarians now." I believe it may have been George Bernard Shaw, or at least some smart person of his era, who said the U.S. is the "only country to go from barbarism to decadence without passing through a stage of civilization."

Germany also censors the hell out of people who say the "wrong" things or wear the "wrong" political logos. You want oppressive censorship, have at it and go back to zee Fatherland, Mein Fuhrer.

The Ebola screening of passengers at the airport is not a complete doctor's physical, it is mostly a questionnaire and a temperature reading by a noncontact (infrared) thermometer. I think even minimum wage workers could be taught how to do that right in less than an hour.

Poetic justice: I liked the story from Oregon where the young guy was flaunting his fire arm and a mugger pulled a gun on him and took his pistol.

Hey dummy, Atlanta jobs rely in part on the port in Savannah which makes it very much the mayor's business.

Only rich people go to the symphony so they ought be the ones who support it. All other talk is nothing but more welfare for the wealthy. In other words, business as usual.

I don't think there is anything more ludicrous than a holiday to honor Columbus. He didn't discover America, and when he got here, the psychopath slaughtered the indigenous people — a REAL American hero!

We should have a national voting day. Everyone could get a day off if they vote and every one who votes gets a kind of receipt to turn into their employer the next day to prove he voted. But ONE party doesn't WANT everyone to vote, sadly.

One does not need to go to Washington, D.C., to castrate pigs. There are plenty of pigs right here in Georgia.